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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sun? In London? In December???

It seemed to be too glorious a day to stay inside so instead of tubing, Vasi and I walked to Tower Bridge to catch up with Caroline (an old school friend from NZ). And being eternally snap-happy, my trusty camera came along with me...

Shad Thames - a cute little street lined with boutiques

I know I've probably posted half a dozen photos of Tower Bridge, but I can't help it. I think it's perhaps my fave bridge in the world. (Oooh although maybe tied with Kawarau Bridge)

Some funky building, right across from Tower of London.

Thankfully London Bridge wasn't falling down when I passed by.

I spose this could just be legal speak but when I first read it, it just seemed very olde english, and so British, it warranted capturing!

Crossing the Millennium bridge, heading toward the Tate Modern...

Where I spy a giant spider... Now this really gets me wondering and lo and behold...

I saw this very same sculpture in Tokyo! I copied this photo from my blog Konnichiwa Tokyo. It was a little strange but I didn't think worthy of making another post - until I looked at the dates. I saw the one in London on Sat 1 Dec 2007, and the one in Tokyo on Sat 2 Dec 2006. How freaky random is that!?!

And as I neared the London Bridge tube station, behold the lit up pavement. The blues and greens are so me, and like a child, I always walk on the lights when I go through this tunnel.


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