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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vasi's Hens Night - Auckland Styles!

Seeing as though Vasi's hen's weekend in August in Madrid was a little difficult to get to for all her Kiwi friends, it only seemed right that we have another party in NZ for her. Big thanks to Bronwyn, Louisa, Alison and Shardonnay for organising it all!

Marshmallows, cherry blossoms and raspberry liquorice - can't go wrong with that!

Vasi :)

One of the games - rather than making a wedding dress out of toilet roll or newspaper, a sari was provided and the girls had to dress their model in a sari!

I find tying one difficult enough, I guess not having ever worn a sari must make it that little bit trickier :-/

This group probably would have won, except the entire outfit came apart when V did her run on the catwalk...

Me and my girl B

Me, Rathika, Vas and Rekha

The instructors trying to teach us some basic ceroc moves. Hopefully we'll be able to pull out some moves at the wedding.

Jo showing off her lovely twirly dress and cuban tan

Right, time to head into town but there's drink left. Boat race!

Shar practicing how to tip her hat like a real cowgirl ought to.

Even though it was really really windy and rainy, Auckland is still a beautiful city!

Shar, Vas, Bron & Kelly

Bron, Vas & Alice

Anna, Kelly & me


  • ahh back to updating, yay! All the blogs from kiwis make the last hour of my work day go a bit quicker.

    I don't know if you knew him or not, but Lindsay is traveling part of the world on bike at the moment, pretty interesting.

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