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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The quick brown fox crosses the busy road


I'm walking to the tube station this morning (Canada Water, which is urban and relatively central London) so imagine my surprise to see a fox crossing the road!

Anyway it seemed like enough of an event to prompt me to make another post. So I'm back in London (again!) and I've gone back to the same job I had earlier on in the year. For those of you who managed to escape my bemoaning, I have struggled to find a 'proper engineering job' in London so I am currently a sales ledger clerk. Not very well paying, exciting or challenging but I guess it's a job...

I am however contemplating the benefit of staying in London if I'm squandering all my previous telco knowledge and experience working in a random office job... I'm certainly not squandering my youth, or what's left it ;) cos Lord knows I'm having a great time in this most magnificent of cities, but I am starting to wonder whether the lack of mental stimulation and rather large gap in my CV is worth it...

Ah decisions decisions... I'm sure everything will work out one way or another (and you'll see the progress on my blog) but in the meantime I'll continue to live the life in London!


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