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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's getting harder and harder...

The air is redolent with blossoms, the sun is lingering longer and it's getting harder and harder to leave. I have a mere 5 hours before my whirlwind trip home is over (although I'm not sure I can call it whirlwind when it was more than 7 weeks ;)

I'm not sure exactly what the next couple of months will bring... For the first time ever, I'm travelling on a one way ticket, which is a combination of scary and exhilirating. My ticket is to the UK with the intention of working there until my working holiday visa expires in May. Although the difficulty I've faced so far in getting a 'proper' job may mean I head somewhere completely different... Ah well, surely now is the best time to try and make the world my oyster.

I shall endeavour to keep my blog up to date, thanks for watching so far, hopefully the next part will be as much fun as the last bit.

Nothing spells out summer like a Pohutukawa in bloom. Hmm why am I leaving again...


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