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Monday, September 03, 2007

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

I decided to join my cousins Sivani, Janani (J was visiting from Sydney) and their friend Thet for a classy evening at the Ritz.

For £40 we had unlimited tea, scones (warm, with cream & jam - to die for!) and a selection of sandwiches. A lovely evening, but really quite expensive – nice to have done it I suppose, but not sure how highly I would recommend it to others…

As the tube strikes had just started (I will moan about that later) I took advantage of working in the central location of Holborn, as well as the last of the summer warmth and decided to walk to The Ritz from work.

Piccadilly Circus

Foreign kids in (on?) Piccadilly Circus

A waiting area in The Ritz

These were real roses and smelt divine :)

Me & Janani

Even the loos were swanky. Siv and I ended up having quite a yarn in there; not our fault - they put couches in there!


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