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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One strike to rule them all...

Those of you who live in London, or have visited, probably understand just how critical the underground or 'tube' is to London life. It's not always running without a hitch but it is none the less used by over 3 million people every day!

So when Metronet (tube maintenance people) decided to issue strike action I don't think anyone quite expected them to do it quite so comprehensively. They did however issue plenty of notice which meant that people had time to figure out alternative methods of transport. In many cases this meant buses, which was REALLY annoying cos I usually catch the bus to work and had to put up with it being as crowded as tubes normally are - the very reason I started catching buses instead of the tube!

I wasn't kidding about it being a comprehensive strike!

OK Waterloo station is quite busy at the best of times but this was really something special!

Looking west over Waterloo Bridge. Another reason I started catching buses to work - looking out on this every morning is much better than getting up close and personal with someone's armpit!

Sigh, still not quite over the sights of London :)


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