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Friday, November 02, 2007

Wedding Aftermath

Well all wedding visitors have left but the days proceeding the wedding gave us time to relax a little bit with our overseas guests - not to mention giving me the opportunity to play tour guide, which I can assure you is quite a change from what I've been upto for the last 18months!

The joys of having family around - "Folding of table runners and chair accents en masse"

Dad ensuring he gets the most out of the garland (whilst Mum objects to being photographed by hiding behind the bridesmaid's bouquet)

On the left Janani (AUS cuz) and on the right Jeni (UK cousin). To non NZ'ers, the bridge you can see is Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Janani, Abi (NZ cuz), me and Mami (my aunt from Aus) at Ruakaka

Still Ruakaka

Janani & me with Orewa beach in the background

View of Rangitoto from Cheltenham Beach

Dad, Mum, Mami & Janani - all the grass was in the shade so our picnic lunch was taken on a beached raft instead!

North Head, "one of the most significant historical coastal defence sites in NZ", according to DOC

Making sure everything is in order at the "6-Inch Battery"

My Daddy :)

Mami, Dad, Mum, Janani & me. Overexposed hence the dark faces? Sorry it's such a bad photo but it was more for recording the moment rather than facial expressions...

Auckland City with one of the 8-inch disappearing guns in the foreground.

The tour ended at the Pumphouse by Lake Pupuke in Takapuna. Mami even spotted an eel. Eugh

OK so this is a little random, but one of the highlights of my trip back home. I was given this birdbath as a birthday present a few years ago (I'd spent a lot of time that summer gardening) but this was the first time I ever saw a bird drinking out of it! Yay! Finally :)


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