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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monument to the Great Fire of London

As much as one can claim that the Metro & London Lite newspapers don't actually contain much by way of news, they sometimes do have some useful info. For example I found out that Monument was closing for cleaning on Sunday 29 July, for 18th months!!! I wanted to check out Monument at some point and knowing it would be closed for 18months was just the impetus I needed.

As it was a glorious summers day I decided to walk there, along the bank of the Thames, clicking away, again not quite believing that I am indeed living in London!

This is a random sculpture on the South Bank of the River Thames. I find it rather poignant that a creator and inventor like Leonardo Da Vinci wrote such a statement

My favouritest bridge, with the Gherkin making an appearance too.


The base of the monument - she is a bit grubby eh?

The view from the top - not the most spectacular of views but you can see St Paul's, which incidentally was destroyed in the Great Fire

311 steps baby ;)

If you click on the photo it should open a larger photo if you want to read the info... The height of the monument is the exact distance from this point that the Great Fire started in 1666.

I'm glad I managed to get to monument - the actual monument wasn't spectacular, nor were the views but some reading that I did about the Great Fire was extremely interesting. For instance, this picture is from Wikipedia:
"Detail of painting from 1666 of the Great Fire of London by an unknown artist, depicting the fire as it would have appeared on the evening of Tuesday, 4 September from a boat in the vicinity of Tower Wharf. The Tower of London is on the right and London Bridge on the left, with St Paul's Cathedral in the distance, surrounded by the tallest flames."

Although London's skyline has changed a bit, it's amazing that parts of it are still the same and hundreds of years old!!!

OK I'm gonna stop ranting about London, this link has some more info so check it out if you're interested and thanks for reading :)


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