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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oxford - Easy like Sunday morning

So having thankfully made it through the night (we were issued with a severe flood warning "imminent danger to life and property") we woke to no rain and blue skies :)

After a lazy Sunday breakfast we decided to watch the start of the European Grand Prix (incidentally Peter works for Spyker, one of the smaller teams). I don't usually watch the F1 but boy was this start exciting. The weather prediction was for rain to start JUST as the race did but most teams elected to start with dry tyres (which meant loads of excitement as drivers crashed out).

However Spyker's debutant driver Markus Winkelhock started with wet-weather tyres so as everyone else pulled into the pits to change tyres, Spyker was actually leading the race for a lap or two (which has never happened for Spyker before!) Well I guess maybe you had to be there - but it just seemed so appropriate to share Spykers (albeit short) success with an employee!

Anyways time for photos!

The river was pretty high

Check out how little clearance there is from the bottom of the bridge

This is a shot from Emily & Peter's place - gives you an idea of just how close they were to the river (but thankfully on the first, not ground floor)

This illustrates an important lesson. Beautiful old buildings do NOT look cool with a big green crane behind them!

The grounds of one of the colleges, I think... Anyway I really like the tree on the right - she is funky :)

The roof of the awesome Pitt Rivers Museum. Emily & Peter had been in Oxford for 2 years and had never checked this out! (Em vowed to make sure Peter visited before they left in August - did you ever go again em?)

A friend once likened me to a pufferfish... I don't look like that do I? :(

Oh and this was so very morbidly fascinating. This is an actual shrunken head. It's about the size of my fist. There was a glass case of them but this was the best photo - check out how well preserved it is! I'd go into detail as to how they used to shrink heads but perhaps that's not so cool to post on a blog...

So yet again another wonderful trip to Oxford, hosted even more wonderfully by my dear friends. Thank you Em & Peter, hopefully see you soon in Reading :)


  • Alas, no we are still yet to visit the Pitt Rivers museum again. Maybe in winter, along with all the other things we haven't done in Oxford.

    By Blogger Emily, at 12:36 AM  

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