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Thursday, July 26, 2007

National Portrait Gallery

Deciding it was time to get a bit of culture, Jo (friend from Auckland) and I decided to catch up and check out the National Portrait Gallery - a gallery that houses portraits of "historically important and famous British people".

I wasn't too sure how interesting a gallery of just portraits would be, but it was fabulous and the £2 audio guide a good investment - overall a great evening out (the yummy food at wagamama's after helped too :)

Photos -as per most galleries, photos weren't allowed but I've got a few snaps...

The impressive facade

Gorgeous mosaic in the foyer.

It was a warm summers night so after dinner I decided to walk to Waterloo before hopping on the bus. This is looking East along the river, taken from Waterloo Bridge (I love being able to say that!)

And looking west - full moon and the London Eye. As you can see I'm still not over my fascination with London - I HAD to stop and take photos of this like a common tourist ;) As much as I miss home, for the time being I'm OK living in this magnificent city!


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