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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shyam & Anushya's Wedding Ceremony

My youngest cousin (on dad's side) Shyam, got married to Anushya at Kew Gardens on sunday. A beautiful ceremony, with lots of family from all over the world attending, not least of all my parents :)

Here are some pics

The gates to Kew

The manavarai (altar). Priest, Shyam and Anushya's brother

Both sets of parents

My dad cracking the coconut (some symbolic thing to do in Hinduism)

The bride enters with her parents. Awwww

My dad was the only dude who got onto the altar who could tie his own head dress thingy :D
The priest had to do it for periappa (Shyam's dad)

Mum and Dad were asked to take the tray containing the Koorai (wedding sari) around to the guest for it to be blessed

The bridge in her koorai. Part of the reason Hindu ceremonies take so long, the bride has to change saris, not an easy/quick feat I can tell you!!!

Just about to tie the thali (necklace that symbolises marriage)

Shyam tying the thali, spot the petals in the air, being thrown by guests

Done and dusted :)

Cousins: Dilini (UK), Ramya (AUS) and me

Me and Sivani (AUS)

Family shots

The grooms family, minus Shyam. Periamma, Natalia (Ram's partner), Ram, Periappa & Nim


  • Wow that looks like quite a ceremony. Is that what we're going to see in October?

    By Blogger CraigS, at 4:29 PM  

  • You betchadupa!

    You might need to have a bit of a shave and shower between the PCT and the wedding then eh? ;)

    By Blogger Nivi, at 7:18 AM  

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