Nivi's Adventures

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Southern Delights - Abel Tasman National Park

So after enjoying the lovely lunch the whitewater rafting people provided, we drove to Marahau, the start of the track in Abel Tasman National Park. The NP was named after the Dutchman who was the first known European to sight New Zealand back in 1642.

I've probably overdosed on the photos - I tried really hard to cut out extraneous ones but I can't help it that NZ's so beautiful! :)

Mike, me, Pedram & Rick setting off

We were running late in starting the tramp (the theme of the entire trip really) but we managed to get to Anchorage before dark - although only just!

The start of Day 2's tramp

And what better way to start the day (the boys taking a nap while waiting for the water taxi to take a couple of the packs to Awaroa for us)

A most awesome bridge :)

As spectacular as this photo is, it really doesn't do it full justice, you're all just gonna have to come and do the Abel Tasman yourself!

Tonga Quarry - from 1904 to 1913 granite was quarried from this spot - Wellington's former Central Post Office was made with granite from here

Best of both worlds - bush as well as beach


The walk from Awaroa Lodge to the DOC campsite - how beautiful is this?

And this is perhaps my most favourite photo :)

Dinner Day 2. After painstakingly setting my camera up to take a delayed shot, I managed to cut myself out of the picture! Lol!

Day 3 - walking across the estuary to Awaroa Lodge to catch the water taxi back to the start. Lots of shells!

Mike catching up with us, Hasselhoff styles ;)

Big motor on the boat meant we went FAST!

Just at the water's edge there are some Southern Fur Seals

Some seals sunning themselves on the rocks - fair enough I spose ;)

And a few mum & bubba's too

So all in all a fantastic trip with great company :) And now I can say I've done at least one of NZ's Great Walks. Will definitely be doing more after I get home from my OE!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Southern Delights - Nelson & White Water Rafting

Having extended my stay in NZ to late March, I thought what better way to make use of this time than to get out and see more of our beautiful country. So when Rick (the friend I stayed with in San Fransisco) mentioned a tramp (hike) in the South Island I was definitely up for it! We flew into Nelson on Sunday arvo and headed to Murchison on Monday morning for some whitewater rafting on the Buller River.

Sunday night in Nelson - The view from dinner

Listening to the safety instructions before going rafting. The person taking the photos must have tried her hardest to make sure I wasn't viewable ;) I'm actually in the photo, behind Kate, the girl in the black helmet.

Easy forward!


Yay, baby rapids!

Nivi not listening to the guide's instruction to paddle forward as I did not want to be under the cold waterfall. Wuss I know - but it was cold!

Saving the best for last - Ariki Falls, about a 4m drop


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tongariro Crossing

So having never done the Tongariro Crossing, which has been described as NZ's greatest 1 day walk, I decided that I should really try and do it before I departed for the rest of my OE again. The decision was made a lot easier as Craig was keen to do it as well (he's done it heaps of times and was offering to carry any gear I had as he's in training for the Pacific Crest Trail). Anyway we and some more friends Quizzy and Robyn headed down to the Central North Island to give this world famous track a go.

It was sadly not the best weather for it, but we at least completed it. (In 1996 on school camp, we started the crossing and got to the top of the Devil's Staircase, only to have to turn back due to the poor weather). Below are pics from the day.

The track map, courtesy of the Department of Conservation. We started at the Mangatepopo carpark and finished at Ketetahi Road End


D'you believe me when I say that the visibility was poor!

This was a brief moment when the cloud cleared and we had a perfect view of Mt Ngauruhoe

I promise you there's a lake behind the cloud

Ah there it is!

Quizzy, Robyn, Me & Craig posing on the shore of the Blue Lake

OK just to give you an idea of how fabulous it would look in nice weather. A photo of the Emerald Lakes from

It was REALLY windy along the ridge!

Pretty views heading down the other side, with nicer weather too!

Try and spot Craig in this photo...

A digger! Not really what you expect to see when you're on a nature walk! (It looked like they were making a new track)

Just call me Strider!

So although not the best weather the Tongariro Crossing can be done in, most of the 17km track was still fun (not the steep bits though). Will definitely be doing it again, but only in sunny weather next time!