Nivi's Adventures

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A foggy day, in London town

I doubt that the British Museum could ever lose it's charm, but nevertheless, it was a very foggy day in London yesterday. I have temporarily borrowed my sis' pxt phone and snapped the following shots from Waterloo Bridge.

The Thames is out there somewhere and usually can see the likes of St Paul's, Tower Bridge and the Oxo Tower...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chillin' in Cambridge

I headed up to Cambridge for my friend Russ' birthday lunch on Sunday. Seeing as though I'd checked out Oxford (thanks again Em & Peter) I was pretty keen to see the sights Cambridge had to offer.

But, considering just how chilly it's been of late (Saturday night was the coldest night of the winter thus far, -10 in some parts of the country) I decided to do a more comprehensive tour later... However, Russ and a couple other locals managed to give us a bit of a 'tour' after lunch - I think another trip may be in order, least of all to have a punt, but in the meantime, enjoy these pics!

King's College

Um, I think still part of King's College. (The tour guides weren't really that fab ;)

The golden winter sun :)

Other people punting

s St John's College (I think)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swishing in the Swiss Snow

I finally got to experience one of the biggest perks about living in London - having the likes of Switzerland on your doorstep. I was lucky enough to get to go on my company's all expenses paid 'conference' in Davos, Switzerland over the weekend. We left work midday Thurs 7th Feb, returned on Sunday night and all I had to pay for was my lunch on Saturday. Nice.

Also rather nice was the fact the conditions at Davos were as perfect as they come. 20cm of powder on Thursday night, sunshine and no clouds all weekend :) Perfect way to become reacquainted with the slopes I've missed while I've been busy chasing summers over the last 2 years!

View from the cable car

Team building activity - make a bar, igloo and sculpture

One of the runs - Phil and Ben (from work) are just in the middle left.

Me, Guido (instructor) and Ben

Sigh. Does it get much better than this?

You can ski right into town and then I had a 5min walk to the hotel.

The coach ride to Zurich on Sunday.