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Monday, April 13, 2009

The resurrection

So this time of year seems a suitable point at which to start blogging again. Although to be honest it's less about Easter and more because in less than a week I'll be winging my way across the globe again to touch down in London town!

I guess you could say it's OE part II but this time the intent is to give living in the UK a proper go. As such, I shall endeavour to see and do things that are blog worthy, something I'm not sure I've done over the last year I've been back home. In hindsight, I realise there might have been some readers out there who would have found posts about NZ quite interesting so apologies for not being a more faithful blogger during this period.

I promise I won't be so slack in coming months (years?) but in the meantime I've got some pics from my time in NZ. Slim pickings though, as being so slack I'd fallen out of the 'take my camera everywhere' frame of mind and dont have any photos from the 5+ weddings I attended! Shocking eh? ;-)

New baby, JJ

Miss Lucy, not so new, but just as cute :)

Wine weekend in Napier with Bree. Yum!

David Beckham in the flesh *Sigh*

The warriors in the office, like you do ;) Funnily enough, almost 3 years to the day from the last time I'd seen them. Yes it was in the office last time too.

Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

Sailors from Team New Zealand. Well I hope they were from TNZ, otherwise some skullduggery is afoot!


  • Hmmmm... Niv is this blog really resurrected? ;-P

    By Blogger Bex, at 4:01 AM  

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