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Sunday, August 09, 2009


So having started work in June it was time to fly the (sister's) nest and find my own place. I did the usual internet searching but ended up answering something akin to a personal ad! ;o) No, not like that! But Carlee and I met up, decided we had comparable living requirements and set about finding a place to live. We moved into a cute little 'penthouse' apartment in King's Cross. Next step = Flatwarming!

The practice flatwarming - Carlee and neighbour Dan discussing the merits of BBQing indoors!

The Flatwarming Proper - with the recently liberated sister and bro-on-law!

And Vas brought cupcakes!!! I love my sis :-D

Nav and Carl

Niv & Nav :)

This somehow seems a funny pic, even tho Fraser is quite far from being a 'fattie' ;)

And last but definitely not least, courtesy of Mark, a photo of the Kings Quarter Crew - me, Steady, Fraser and Carlee. Steady and Fraser were our neighbours who we became firm friends with. Yes, I know, unheard of in a city like London!


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