Nivi's Adventures

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The All Blacks vs England, Eden Park

We had a couple of drinks and did some facepainting before heading out to Eden Park... We were lucky we got there at all considering our bus driver had NO idea where she was going! But some Wendy's, fine weather and a All Black team out to prove their worth resulted in a great night overall!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

a long time between posts...

Sorry about that... I've been a little distracted with being back in Godzone! To you non-kiwis out there, Godzone is an abbreviation for God's Own Country - a term New Zealanders use to describe NZ.

I've been back in the country for just over 2 weeks - I had a week of recuperating from jetlag and being fussed over by my lovely parents, which I perhaps milked a little more than I needed to ;-) but then started work the following week.

I'm slowly settling back into the routine I had before I embarked on my OE - I'm back in pretty much the same job and in fact sit a mere 4 seats along from where I used to sit (now instead of views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, I have view of Mt Victoria & Rangitoto Island).

Life outside of work is great too, as much as I love meeting new people there's something very right about being with people you've known for years and years...

I confess I was a little worried about coming home to NZ after being in a city the size of London but I'm not having too many difficulties adjusting. The weather has been near phenomenal so far (altho I'm sure that won't last) and I'm finding true pleasure in the simple things like gatecrashing an old friend's family dinner (and being welcomed with open arms, cheers Rach!), planning trips around NZ and buying tickets for the AB's game 2moro!

The walk to work my first morning...

...and the sunny walk back from lunch. My phone camera did it no justice, but the water is amazingly blue! (Just one of the reason's it's called Godzone eh?)