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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Moses Mountain, Mt Sinai

One of the many optional extras on the tour was to climb Mt Sinai for sunrise and most of us thought why not. We left the hotel at 11pm, drove for 3hours and then got climbing at about 1am. There were obviously different levels of fitness within the group but I think Mustafa (our tour guide for Dahab) siad we were one of the quickest groups he'd taken up. For less fit people, there is the option of going up on camel back - but it's not recommended by On the Go and when we pushed Mustafa to tell us why, he said that basically camels feet are soft cos they are made for sand not rocks & stone so there had actually been a fatality where the camel had lost its balance and fallen off the side of the mountain! Luckily none of the group were that unfit and even if they were, after that story, I dont know who would have wanted to use the camels!

No pictures of the ascent, seeing as though it was all in the dark!

At the top - I gave the camera to a dude who was drinking beer at 5am. I think this might be why it's so blurry (bloody aussies!)

It's coming up,

it's coming up,

It's dare!

Peter and Craig perched on the rock, awaiting sunrise. I believe it wasn't the most secure of spots, well not with a slippery sleeping bag anyway...

Moses handing down the 10 commandments... (courtesy of Mustafa)

Pretty piccy

A shot of where we actually were in daylight!

A peace pole. I'm fairly certain we had a peace pole at St Christophers School, my old school in Bahrain so I took a photo of it. A nice place for it anyway

Peter on the quest for another stunning photograph...

Sheesh, we climbed that!

Aww a camel on the ridge line

The boys posing


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