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Sunday, November 12, 2006


We were in Dahab for 4 whole days, which was the longest we ever stayed in one place on our tour. It gave us a chance to party it up, go snorkelling and of course chill out & relax at the resort (you know having the time of your life can be so tiring ;)

This isn't actually Dahab but somewhere the bus stopped on the way...

On the way to the Blue Hole for some excellent snorkelling! It was a 15min ride by 4x4 and was a bit hairy at times! Check out the rather small amount of clearance the drivers had, especially given the speeds they were doing it at!

And this pic quite clearly shows that although Johnny is keen to get married, he never wants to have kids! (Bex you might need to have a chat with Johnny about this!)

I mentioned there was excellent snorkelling (and diving) at the blue hole but I couldn't get any underwater pics. However this picture shows how impressive the blue hole was - a 120m drop off almost right at the shore. The greeny-grey is coral reef and the dark blue is the deep blue ocean - you can see why they call it the Blue hole eh? The picture is a screen shot from Google Earth (thanks Johnny).


What the restaurants we had dinner at were like. Awesome! For both the ambience and food

At dinner - Hani, me, Alison & Sharyn

Ah the night we faked Jo's birthday so we'd get cake! (Well actually one of the nights we faked a birthday)

Paul teaching Shisha (the pet camel) how to do a tickle-me-sheesha. (I dont know what was with the red furry pipe on this sheesha)

Ahhh the epic cocktail night! As many of us were coming to Egypt from all over the world we decided to have a cocktail party. Seeing as though I was coming from Brazil I took some cachaƧa (sugar cane alcohol) to make caipirinhas. Which of course require crushed limes. Hence me crushing limes with the only tools I had available...

Me and Bronwyn

PJ and me

Jo and me

Paul, the 'host' of the cocktail party, the morning after - well the next day anyway...


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