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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back in London...

Well I'm back, but dont quite know that I can say better than ever... I've got a cold, London just finished daylight savings time so it was dark by 4:30 last night and just to top it off, there's a cold snap so it's FREEZING (well especially considering where I just came from). Although get this - when I arrived in London it was sunnier than the weather in Salvador!!!

My last weekend in Brasil was awesome - forró dancing on Friday night, dinner at my favourite pizza place on saturday (oh the prestigio - chocolate & coconut pizza's are to die for!), checked out a surfing competition and of course one final sorvete (ice cream)!

I was really sad to be leaving and still am pretty bummed. I miss all you guys from Brasil already :( But how does that saying go? One door closes and another one opens? It's great to be with my big sister again, meeting some kiwi friends tonight for drinks and the next adventure begins on Friday when I head to Egypt for a 3 week holiday with heaps of kiwi friends, some I haven't seen for a long long time. So, this is it for now, next post should be coming at you from Egypt.


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