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Friday, November 03, 2006


So I was looking forward to this holiday for a couple of reasons - well firstly cos it's egypt for crying out loud! But perhaps the biggest reason was because I would be seeing heaps of my Kiwi mates, many of whom I hadn't seen since I left NZ in March, but a few that I hadn't seen for longer than that! We did a tour (On the Road to Jordan, by On the Go) and of the 24 people on the tour, 19 of them were mates. Not bad getting that many different people all together at the same time, in Egypt of all places! Thanks so much to Alison (and Bronwyn) for organising us all :)

The basic route we followed on our tour

Photos follow in the next posts, but I had real trouble culling them so I've decided to do lots of posts over the whole trip to TRY and keep it at a reasonable number of pics per post.


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