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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cruising down the Nile...

Two days and nights were spent cruising in a felucca, an old style eyptian sailing vessel. We had been warned that the food was going to be simple (it was made on the boat by the 2 crewmen) but it was always delicious and plentiful! (oh how I long for those Samba bars!) The felucca was one of the highlights for me! :D

An idea of what was to come - I snapped this from the banks as we were waiting for our boat to arrive

Meet Solomon, a very random dude. Hani, our tour guide met him while smoking sheesha about 2 hours before we were due to set sail and he invited Solomon along. Solomon was the stereotypical wanderer - he was interesting (he picked that Vas and I were Sri Lankan Tamil straightaway) but he was also 'interesting' - his grandfather was the first person that came up with the idea that the Pyramids were built by aliens! Anyway, always interesting to hear other people's points of view eh?

Some sailing

Some more sailing

Going under the bridge without breaking the mast

Hanging with my homie (Paul)

Oh and another activity we got upto whilst lounging in the sun on the felucca.

Ah, sunset on the Nile :)

A campfire (on the bank, not on the boat!) and entertainment provided by the Nubian sailing crew (oh and how could we forget Simon's legendary Sharif impersonation!)


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