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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Temple of Horus & Luxor Temple


The town of Edfu is known for its major Ptolemaic temple, the Temple of Horus. It was built between 237 BC to 57 BC and of all the temple remains in Egypt, the Temple of Horus is the most completely preserved.

In the left hand bit you can see that it's been painted blue and red paint

Some deep relief hieroglyphics (or is it hieroglyphs?)

Zoomed in to give you an idea of just how finely carved it is!

Look at the middle bridge bit (which is in the dark) cos the next photo is zoomed in on it

Check how detailed the painting is! I seem to recall Hani saying that they were of vultures but it might be falcons seeing as though Horus had a falcon's head...

Sunset on the the Nile...


This was the only temple we visited at night so although I was getting a bit 'templed out' by this stage this was quite breathtaking. We were transported from the hotel to the temple via horsedrawn carriage which was a bit random but definitely helped make it more memorable!

The massive first pylon (wall thingy) which is 24m high. To the left you can also see the 25m granite obelisk which was one of a matching pair until 1835, when the other one was taken to Paris where it now stands in the centre of the Place de la Concorde. (I'll make sure a photo of that makes it onto my blog when I finally get around to Paris)

Avenue of the Sphinxes. My photo doesn't really do it justice (sorry didn't have a tripod) but there used to be a causeway lined by sphinxes that led all the way to Karnak. Most of the Sphinxes have now been destroyed but a few of them just outside Luxor and Karnak temple are still standing.

Ah and of course, Bronwyn cutting her birthday cake at the restaurant that night :)


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