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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dead Sea

One of the absolute highlights of the trip was going to the Dead Sea. Although once part of the ocean, the Dead Sea is now actually a lake (and incidentally the 2nd lowest place on earth at 418m below sea level). The only tributary for the Dead Sea is the Jordan River and as the more and more of the Jordan River was diverted away for irrigation the Dead Sea has shrunk in size which makes it extremely salty - it's more than 8 times more salty than the normal ocean and is called the Dead Sea as no living organism can survive in it.

But forgetting all the scientific facts, it was just plain fun! There's a reason why everyone has heard of the Dead Sea - it's cause it's just soooo amazingly cool!!! :D Two handy hints if you're visiting:
1) Make sure you dont lick your lips - it's so salty it makes you gag. Yugh!
2) DON'T DON'T DON'T get it in your eyes! Very painful as Jo can tell you from experience!

Israel! Whilst on the road to Jordan we drove along the coast of the Red Sea and just across the water was Eilat, Israel. We didn't actually set foot in Israel tho (that stamp in the passport will just have to wait...)

The Dead Sea!!!

Pete explaining to Craig how he got a big long scar down his arm (who knew swings could be so vicious?!?)

The gang

Jo and me - look no hands! :)

Some randoms smearing the Dead Sea mud over their bodies - it's meant to be very good for your skin

But Simon managed to break out in a rash!


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