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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dublin Dabbling

Not one to keep still for too long, I headed across the ditch to Dublin for a couple of days to visit my cousin Sivani and Bex, my dear friend from NZ. Unfortunately Johnny (Bex's hubby of only a few weeks) was away for work, but I think Bex and I did enough catching up for Johnny as well. :) My trip was only a couple of days but Dublin definitely turned on the weather for me - mainly sun and blue skies, no better way to see a city!

Trinity College

Christ Church Cathedral

Tree of Gold

A river runs through it - River Liffey

The Dublin Spire

Dollymount - the pretty beach by Bex & Johnny's Place

A haunting sculpture to the victims of the Great Famine

My first ever Guinness! Where better than in Ireland eh? ;)

Me & Siv with our coffee cocktails. Yes I may have mixed my drinks a little, resulting in quite an awful hangover the next day :/

Me & Bexy

Temple Bar, the view from the roof terrace of Siv's appartment. The joys of living central!


  • Now why couldn't I get weather like that... the spire looks much more impressive reflecting blue sky ;P

    Great shot of you and Bex, miss you both!

    By Blogger Pyotr, at 3:22 PM  

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