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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Transient. Again.

Well just to keep you guys in the loop, tomorrow is the day my working holiday visa expires... So Friday was my last day at work and I return to the state of transient... I do have another visa application in with the home office, but who know if/when that'll get approved so in the meantime I figure it's time for a bit of adventuring...

Watch this space!

PS I snapped this photo on Hackney Rd, East London, on the walk home from my birthday brunch in Clerkenwell... I liked this 'art' from the moment I saw it, little did I know it would be me so soon!


  • Awesome! Can't wait for some more adventures!

    Terry and I are planning to travel starting April 2009 for a year and have just starting outlining our goals, budget and where we want to visit! We can't wait and would love advice from a seasoned traveler like yourself :)

    By Blogger Manali & Terry, at 11:59 AM  

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