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Friday, June 08, 2007

Last day (well ish)

After yet another late start to the day, we headed to the beach - my very first time in the Mediterranean!!! It was loads of fun: vegging out, swimming and playing frescobol to our hearts content :) Frescobol is the Brazilian name given to the beach sport where 2 people basically try and keep a squash ball alive using a wooden paddle about the size of a tennis racquet. I can't remember what Asaf called the sport (the American name is smashball) but the first time I saw it being played was in Brazil so that's what I'm calling it!

After we'd done chilling out at the beach we headed home for our last supper with Asaf's parents (another beauty) before heading out to a cute little cafe and then a really awesome bar for a few drinks. All the bars we'd been to in Israel had been really cool but this one was the best to me - the DJ was totally wicked and spun some amazing tracks!

The Mediterranean!

The crew

Check out the sign ;) I should have taken the photo earlier in the day when the beach was far more thoroughly packed! (It's forbidden to swim here because there are no lifeguards)

The walk/climb back up to the car - you can just see Maya


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