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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sea of Galilee, a kibbutz and some rather good wine!

After a restful night filled with much sleep it was time to head off from Maslul in search of new sights!

Avi and Asaf deciding on the best routes to take

A bit blurry (taken from the car) but you the top white sign is for Gaza! Like Gaza out of THE Gaza Strip! We were about 5km from the Gaza Strip and therefore within range of Qassam rockets...

The Sea of Galilee! It's actually a lake and at some 209m below sea level is the second lowest lake in teh world (the first being the Dead Sea, which also is a lake)

It was such glorious weather and the swimming, lounging and eating that we did was just what the doctor ordered!

Ayala (our friend from Jerusalem) decided that our company was just too great and so decided to bus up and join us. Worked out really well for us as Asaf had initially intended on renting a 'cottage' (ie what Kiwi's would call a bach) but Ayala's brother lived on a Kibbutz in Kefar HaNasie and so we headed there to spend the night.
After arriving and settling in, we decided to go for a few drinks. We drove to Rosh Pina, a little town nearby and walked into a restaurant at 23:10. The waitress let us in even though they looked closed and when I asked what time they shut, she replied 23:00. Wicked! Needless to say a few bottles were consumed amongst us :D

It was a beautiful restaurant with a magnificent view which I unfortunately wasn't able to capture on 'film'. Ah well some things are better remembered in your head eh?

The discarded box used to contain some chocolates, they obviously got demolished pretty quick!

You can see as the night wore on it got a bit blurry ;)


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