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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lunch in the Golan Heights and other stuff

So as mentioned previously, we spent the night in a Kibbutz in Kefar HaNasie. We lounged for a while in the morning before heading to do some low key kayaking on the Jordan River (like you do!) No pictures of that obviously - luckily my camera didn't meet the same fate my new sunglasses did when Asaf the maniac tipped me over. (The sunnies are still MIA.)

After working up a bit of an appetite we had lunch in the Golan Heights (I still can't get over it - this was the same area where more than 1000 people died in the Lebanon/Israeli conflict last year!!!) We had yet another delicious meal and some even tastier arabic sweets. We then headed to Mt Bental for a dusk view of the Golan Heights.

The view from our room in the Kibbutz

Asaf appreciating the view and Rick, the OJ

Heading through the Golan Heights

Not being able to read Hebrew, I didn't realise this, but Avi informed me that the green sign says stop border crossing - into Syria!

Lunch with the gang - Asaf, Ayala, Rick, Nivi & Tom

This was rather amusing - the guy driving the white car was holding a rope that the 2 horses were tied to. Good way of exercsing the horses but not yourself eh?

The observatory at Mt Bental. Check out the metal silhouettes - a bit eerie

A view from the top. Being such a strategic spot you can see why it's so sought after by both the Israelis and Arabs...

Another day in Israel coming to a close :(


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