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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Emily, my good friend from NZ and her partner Peter live in Oxford. I've been so distracted with travelling to foreign countries that I had never visited them in Oxford until now. It was a perfect opportunity as two other kiwi friends of mine, Matthew and Anna would be visiting Emily at the same time.

Oxford was amazing. I've always been really enamoured with the idea of Oxford University - I remember poring over an article about it in National Geographic - and visiting it was awesome. The history is just phenomenal - it's the oldest university in the English speaking world! Seeing all the students wizzing about on bikes was also very funky but by gosh did you need to check before crossing the road as you can't hear the bikes coming up like you can hear cars!

Anyway an awesome time, we spent more time hanging out than properly sightseeing so I'm definitely gonna be visiting Emily and Peter again and doing a proper tour of the university!

I don't know how structurally secure this building was but it looked really quaint :) Apart from the Nokia signage...

A tower right next to Emily and Peter's place. They live in the centre of town, very convenient for us!

Part of the University - talk about being looked down upon ;)

Beautiful old buildings. I can't tell you what any of them are cos we just ambled around soaking up the atmosphere...

This is the Bridge of Sighs - because it was the way students had to go to enter their examination room.

A courtyard, complete with doors leading into different faculties

The aforementioned door, complete with latin signage!

Matthew, Anna and Emily :)

Matthew and I climbed the clock tower and the views were spectacular!

Part of the clock tower

What an amazing view! (sorry I can't tell you what the view is of though - any clues Em?)

We had a lovely picnic dinner in the summer sun. My camera had died by this stage so I've very cheekily just lifted the following photos from Emily & Peter's blog. Thanks guys :)

Peter, Matthew, Nivi & Anna


The really cool full orange moon which looked huge!

Peter and Emily, thanks for being such wonderful hosts, I'll definitely be back again :)


  • The view is of All Souls College. You have to be invited to join and they only invite 50 or so PhD+ people each year to apply and only accept 2 per year. So probably a pretty top place!

    It was lovely to have you all here, you are welcome any time :-)

    By Blogger Emily, at 9:33 AM  

  • Ta muchly Em :) And you know I'll be back again!

    By Blogger Nivi, at 2:31 AM  

  • Nivi,

    I really loved your pictures!!
    I miss you and I hope to see you again!

    Take Care,


    By Anonymous Joanalia, at 12:37 PM  

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