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Friday, June 01, 2007


So after spending the night in Fiumicino Airport (the lengths one will go to to get cheaper airfares!) I arrived in Tel Aviv on Fri afternoon where Asaf picked me up from the airport.

FYI Asaf is Israeli and is doing his PhD at Berkeley - I met Asaf March 06 when I was visiting my Kiwi friend Rick in San Francisco. This was the main reason for my trip, Rick and another friend Tom were visiting Israel and with the local knowledge & lingo that Asaf could provide, it seemed foolish to not join in on this most excellent adventure, and I'm glad I did, it turned out to be one of the best trips I've ever had! :)

So anyway after Asaf picked me up we chilled out at his sister Maya's apartment in Tel Aviv before heading out to a birthday party. It was weird to be in a club setting while the sun was still shining! Anyway we stayed for a little while before heading to pick up Rick and Tom and then it was off to Asaf's parent's place in Rehovot for the first of many plentiful and absolutely delicious meals! Like really phenomenally amazing! Asaf's parents are really cool, interesting and wonderful hosts so it was a lovely evening. We headed back out to party and then into Tel Aviv for the first of many late nights ;)

Unfortunately no pictures from the first night but I do have 2 somewhat random pictures from the airport!

Are the Israelis still a bit bitter about being dumped by the British in 1948? The security guard stuck the sticker right over the Queens head...

And this. Check out what's in the bag next to the monk... Cigarettes and booze. I felt kinda bad taking a photo of him but seriously there was no-one else this could have belonged to!


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