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Monday, December 04, 2006

Tokyo - Part 2

More photos from my time in Tokyo...
Ueno Park

A cute little temple we stumbled across while walking around Ueno Park

I believe that when you get your fortune told at a temple and it turns out to be bad you tie it here

Tokyo National Museum - I wasn't too keen on visiting too many temples but when Lonely Planet's blurb on it read "if you only visit one temple in Tokyo, make it this one" I decided it was probably worth a visit

Dogu, clay figurine - dated the Jomon period (1000 - 400BC)

Haniwa, terracotta tomb figurines - dated 6th century

There was an exhibition on travelling which I found quite interesting given the amount of travel I've done in 2006...

A portable medicine cabinet

'Useful Tips for Travellers' - obviously the precursor to Lonely Planet...

There were quite a few funky statues in a Buddhism exhibit - I don't really know too much about Buddhism, but I was quite blow away with the similarities to Hindu statues, designs etc...

This as well, totally thought it was a Hindu picture when I first looked at it...

Where else but Harajuku!

The funky prada building

LOTS of people shopping on a sunday afternoon

East meets west - something you see a lot of in Japan, even in Tokyo

What is it with these dogs? I mean really!?!

I spose you get weirdos in all forms. What was really funny was the teenager we saw running after this guy with his phone out ready to take a snap

Harajuku Station

View from Tokyo Metropolitan Towers

Kinda amazing just how big the city is...

Hello Kitty in a kimono - how could I not take a photo!

Random photo of a very blurry taxi in front of a shopping mall.


Lollies - closer :)

Takashimaya Times Square

Yeah so I'm just walking down the road one day, near my hostel (in Asakusabashi) and I see this in a shop window! Pretty freaky eh!

The Anime Centre

A transformer outside a shop in Akihabara - the electronics district

Kappabashi - the kitchen district (hence the giant chef's head and teacups on the side of the buildings) This is where restauranteurs come to buy things like knives, bowls, chopsticks and...

Plastic food! A lot of restaurants in Tokyo have a plastic but extremely good representation of what their dishes look like. It makes a lot of sense but is still kinda funny, so imagine how much funnier it is to come across a shop selling only plastic food

lol ;)

The ubiquitous vending machines - and yes they are definitely ubiquitous!!! I could easily get used to having hot drinks from a vending machine for those cold winter days...

Double layer parking...

...not only for cars!

Sumidagawa River by day (well late afternoon anyway)

And by night...


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