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Monday, November 20, 2006

Back in Cairo

So we finally made it back to Cairo and had a few more sights before having to part ways with the gang...


A lady showing us how papyrus is made

This is kinda funny. Hani had told us that we were going to a really good perfumerie but most of the people I spoke to thought, 'yeah, it'll be cool to have a look-see, but I won't actually buy anything.' Oh how wrong we were! There were some really nice ones and almost everyone ended up buying at least one perfume!

You can just make out the perfume dude to the left of centre. He's been around for a while but back in the day, he climbed up to the top of the great pyramid in Giza in 7 minutes!

Sampling the wares. (And I managed to catch Lisa having one of her giggling fits!)

The beautiful bottles

Unfortunately I don't really know too much about this Coptic church (I kinda tagged along with Lorraine, Craig and Peter on this one). Research on the internet however seems to suggest it got its name because part of the church used to hang over the road below. Also the palm trees in the garden have been there since Jesus' time which is pretty cool when you think about it!

On our way back from the hanging church, we came across this cemetary which was very surreal. It was so weird to see crosses on tombs with the writing in Arabic. Very trippy and also one of the most beautiful cemetaries I've ever been in

We visited The Mosque of Sultan Hassan which was huge and exquisitely beautiful. It's considered to be Cairo's finest example of early Mamluk architecture and often regarded as the finest ancient mosque in Cairo.

This is a zoomed in view of the circle bit in the previous photo. Amazing how much detail there is considering how far off the ground it is!


I spose you've got to get your timber home one way or another...

And your miscellaneous sacks of stuff!

A shot that captures part of the mayhem that is Cairo

Drinks on the last night

Irish Jones (R) thanking Hani (L) for being such an awesome tour guide!

Me, Hani and Vasi, Hani holding the card we got him

The end of the tour was finally upon us and we left Cairo the next day :( Egypt & Jordan was an absolutely unforgettable holiday and I'm glad that I experienced it with some of my oldest and dearest friends - I'm sure we'll reminisce about it for many years to come!


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