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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Le Tour de France

This year London was the city used for Le Grand Depart, the first leg of the Tour de France 2007.

The race went right past my place (man I love living central) and here are a few pics.

This guy was very BLUE!

They had this really good way of making sure spectators didn't get too close to the action and step off the pavement - by getting motorcyclists to drive REALLY close to the curb!

And finally the pack! This was very early on in the race so there was hardly any separation

And then they were gone. Perhaps because it was near the beginning of the race, or maybe because they are all professionals but I was kinda surprised how quickly they were all gone and the roads were reopened etc etc...

The helicopters filming the progress. London finally turned on a good weekend, such perfect timing. :)

And, I've finally moved out of Vasi's! This is my flat, nice and central with the Tour de France going right past here.


  • Coolio, London flat's are fun, I need more holiday time so I can come stay :-)

    By Blogger CraigS, at 10:40 PM  

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