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Monday, July 31, 2006

Life in London

Well before I embark on the next step of my adventure, I figure I needed to mentioning some of my thoughts on this remarkable city. I've been to London before but the last times it was during the kiwi summer (and therefore winter in the Northern Hemisphere) which isn't so much fun. I've always thought most places are nicer with a bit of sun, although it was a bit too hot in London this summer, getting up to 36 deg one July day!

Anyway, getting over that staple of British conversation, the weather, London is an amazing place. It's so amazing to think how old some of the places in London are, especially considering I'm used to NZ which is a young country relative to pretty much everywhere. There is huge racial diversity, but I don't know whether anyone would say that the level of integration is quite as impressive... It's amazingly crowded & busy but life just carries on as it always has, one of the most amazing aspects of London. I was in town on July 7, the 1 year anniversary of the London bombings which was very sombering but at the same time highlighted just what a great irrepresible city London is.

Anyway my thoughts and rantings aside, another reason London is so wicked is because half my friends and cousins are here! Here are some pics of my time in London...


Out with Jo and some mates. L to R: Jo, Me & Katrina

Asaf (a friend from San Francisco) was in London for a week

On the southbank with Rick (cheesily posed with Big Ben in the background)

Brunch on a gorgeous sunny Sunday. L to R: James, Rick, Vasi, Me & Tom

The start of a night out with Tom & Rick

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of a really amazing event – the Italian celebrations through central London after winning the world cup! It was quite phenomenal, I can't imagine what it would have been like in Rome! What a crap time to have your battery die on you eh?


The Gherkin

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Millenium Wheel

Battersea Power Station - snapped from the train, so apologies for blurriness

Borough Market - who said that you can't get great food in London? (It just costs like a million dollars!)

Morris dancers. How quintessentially English! ;)

Speakers Corner - most don't like they're buying it eh?

The beautiful entrance to The British Museum

The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court (part of the British Museum)


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