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Monday, June 19, 2006


Well Dubai was quite an experience! There is a LOT of money in Dubai and it seems the motto to live by is "if you've got it, flaunt it". I was quite stunned to read in the paper the 25% of the worlds cranes are in Dubai, but then it didn't seem so crazy when we were actually driving around...

And like most great dynasties, much of the city is being built of (almost) slave labour. Indian/Pakistani people work as labourers, for approx 200NZD per month! I spose it's as good as or better than what they would get if they stayed in their home countries - but still it wasnt so flash seeing them working in the midday sun (42 deg Celsius).

Anyway, the opulence of Dubai was bearable for the 3 days I spent there, here are some of the snaps.

Firstly I've got a collection of buildings - some that are quite spectacular. I spose it's easy to get some nice looking buildings in your city when you have enough money to commission any architect you want.

BURJ AL ARAB (Tower of the Arabs)
This hotel is now one of the icons of Dubai, typifying the culture of opulence. I heard varying prices of how much the cheapest room was - I'm sure all rumour but if you're interested the lowest price I heard was 1000USD a night!

This is the greeting area/foyer. Ordinarily you cant just drive up here but we were on a tour thing and needed to pick up some people from this hotel so we got to sneak a peek. Check out the hummer on the left - does it look silver plated to you?


I did a tour with my folks which included going off road through the desert in 4WDs, a camel ride, sand surfing/boarding (which is def not as much fun as on snow) and then a BBQ dinner at a 'camp' in the middle of the desert.

We got stuck at one point - so I thought I might as well get a photo seeing as though I had to get out

Awww pretty sunset

My camel and me :)

Mum & Dad; mum holding on for dear life I think

Dad trying shisha - I tried it as well and really liked it. It's quite sweet & fruity tasting and smells really yummy!!!

One of the tents in the camp

Getting some henna done

Oh and of course - the belly dancer. It's a bit blurry (sorry boys) but she was moving too fast for me!


A mosque

Jumeira Beach

A shopping mall that was designed to look like venice. I swear these people have too much money!

I mean look at this walkway dressed like a bridge!

Some guys having a coffee at the ubiquitous starbucks...

So it's really common for men to wear thobes (the white robes)...

...but i loved this trio's look - swapping the headdress for baseball caps ;)

The next couple of photos are from another shopping mall - the lengths they go to to entice shoppers to all the different malls!

At first glance, just a normal outdoor dining area at a restaurant...

but on closer inspection you can see the airconditioning vents!

The worlds largest indoor ski field - part of The Emirates Mall

The slope from inside. Boy do I miss the snow, especially with Bridget's updates from Mt Ruapehu :(

Now for some photos from another mall where different areas were themed with different ancient civilisations.




I realise that many of my photos are from shopping malls but really that is most of what Dubai is about! Ordinarily I dont take photos of shopping malls but this was totally a case of morbid fascination! I was still definitely looking forward to visiting Bahrain, but seeing how crazy Dubai was, it was with a bit of trepidation! Blog coming soon...


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  • Hello Navi,

    i landed on your blog by chance, looking for some info on bahrain. I must say, i am impressed by pictures you take.. i could read a story out of those pictures....

    an interesting story,

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