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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Road Trip!

At the London Sevens, Simon mentioned that he was doing work in Bridgwater and I was free to come along and use his car while he was at work. Seeing as though I wasn't doing anything (apart from watching waaay too much TV) I took Si up on his offer. It was lovely to drive again after 3 months!

Having lunch on the beach in Minehead

The promenade at Minehead

The drive along the Bristol Channel coast - the next few photos reminded me heaps of NZ!

But this photo didn't remind me of NZ - crazy narrow lanes with hedges right up to the roadside so there's nowhere to pull over or to see what's up ahead!

This is Glastonbury Tor, celtic for hill. It was a lovely scenic walk through stereotypical english lanes and hills to get up here.

St Michael's Tower - the only remaining part of a 14th Century church

From the summit of 158m, you can see Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire counties.


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