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Saturday, May 20, 2006

New York, New York!

New York City totally lived up to its reputation of being a vibrant, exciting city and one that I totally loved! With a population of 8 million (twice that of the whole of NZ!!!) it's easy to feel as though you are in the centre of the universe in the bustling hub that is NYC. It's an amazing city - there are several different cultures abound and I discovered that it does indeed live up to its rep as the city that doesn't sleep!

Anyway, it's an awesome city and arguably one of, if not the, top city to visit in the world. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! I'm certain I would loved it anyway but the fact that I had company made sure of it - my friend Tom flew out from San Francisco for a long weekend and my darling big sister Vasi flew out from London for the whole week. I hadn't seen Vasi for about 5 months (which is a long time for us!)

I was in NY from 11 - 20 May and here are some pictures - hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed NY...

Grand Central Station - this is what I love about NY, seeing things around that are in numerous books, songs etc etc

Shot of the streetscape, Chrysler Building in the background

Trying to capture a bit of the NY vibe

Times Square! I didn't manage to get a decent night shot of it unfortunately.

Times Square - take 2

The sister reunion at Union Square!

Tom, myself and Vasi out having a few drinks

Tom, me, Devin (Tom's mate from DC) and Vasi trying to capture the bright lights of NYC. (We are incidentally standing on a traffic island and not just smack in the middle of the road)

This ones a bit less shaky - the building with blue light, just right of the green traffic light is the empire state building.

On Sunday 14 May we went to a Yankees game! It was an awesome experience (thanks for getting the tickets Tom). Amazing though - the game wasn't that important, the weather wasn't great, the Yankees didnt even do that well (they lost) but crowd attendance was still more than 50,000!

We had to sit Tom in the middle so we could both hear the explanation of the rules

Well you know me and food - I couldn't go to a baseball came and not get cracker jacks! (I also had the hot dog earlier but it was too messy to take a photo)

Ground Zero. Quite an emotional experience. You can stand there and wonder what it must have looked like with the twin towers there but it was things like posters of timeline of events on Sept 11 and photos taken on that day that got to me... The city and her people don't seem to dwell on it - it is almost 5 years on now - although I imagine they'll never ever forget it.

The opulent glory that it the Trump Tower

The actual tower of Trump Tower. I think the trees on the building are quite cool - it's so unusual to see any sort of foliage above street level.

Carnegie Hall. A bit boring for me as I'm not a muso but I walked past it so worth a snap at least I thought.

Rockefeller Centre. All the tables and chairs are cleared out and the area is used for an iceskating rink in winter, complete with a giant Christmas tree overlooking the rink.

The Waldorf Astoria. Unfortunately not where I stayed whilst I was in NY...

The United Nations headquarters, no doubt helping fuel the amazing multicultural feel of the city

I quite liked this sculpture and oh how appropriate for the outside the UN!

A shot of the Empire State Building before ascending it. Since 11 Sept 2001, the Empire State Building is again the tallest building in NYC, like a familiar friend returning in times of strife as the Lonely Planet put it...

Looking south to downtown

North East towards the East River

North - you can see the green of Central Park

West across the Hudson River to New Jersey

Macy's and some traffic

Check out how many cabs are down that street!

Posing with the Chrysler building to my left

Brooklyn Bridge - still kinda cool to look at today but very impressive when you realise it was the first steel suspension bridge and opened for traffic in 1883!

Looking west towards Lower Manhattan

New York Stock Exchange - about a billion shares change hands each day behind this wall!

View of Lower Manhattan, home to the financial district, from the Staten Island Ferry

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

New York was my last stop in North America, and sadly brought my 9 week tour of North America to a close. I had an truly unforgettable experience and I hope you've enjoyed my attempts to relay some of it via my posts.


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