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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tiruchirapalli (try saying that 3 times!)

After Singapore and a glimpse of Sri Lanka, I touched down in Tiruchirapalli, more commonly called Trichy, a city in Tamil Nadu which is a state in South India.

My sister and mum were to join me in India for essentially a 2 week shopping trip to buy all the bits and bobs for my sister's wedding later this year. My aunt, uncle and cousin who live in NZ (but used to live in Trichy) were also in India at the same time for a holiday so it was nice to have some family around :)

As there was heaps to buy & sort out in a limited time, it wasn't a relaxed holiday with any sightseeing/touristy stuff, but I still managed to get a few snaps here and there.

Here are a the first few, more coming...

Autos (tuk-tuks) resting under trees, with Rock Fort Temple in the background. The name is short for auto-rickshaw, as opposed to a rickshaw which is powered by man.

The ubiquitous '2 wheeler' as they're called in India. Taken from an auto.

There's something beautiful about a full moon and palm trees :)


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