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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sari Party!

In Tamil/HIndu culture, when a girl comes of age, it's celebrated with what is often called a Sari Party. It's almost like a mini-wedding (without the groom of course) and it's the first time a girl wears a sari. My cousin Abi, had her sari party in India, as she used to live in India and it meant that all of my uncle's family could attend the function.

A kolam - a design drawn (by women) in rice flour on ground at threshold of a family home. This piece is a lot larger and more intricate than the usual daily kolam, and was done by Abi's grandmother on the morning of the sari party.

Another more colourful kolam done by Aghila acca (Abi's aunt). People in the photo: Rani acca, a guest, my uncle's mum, Aghila acca peeking out of the doorway, Abi and Vasi.
FYI Acca is the tamil word for older sister, but is also used as a term of respect when addressing a woman
of similar age, but who is older than you.

My Uncle, Abi and Aunty, at the function venue

Abi finding a funny moment whilst trying to obey all the instructions of the demanding photographer and videographer, and looking amazingly beautiful whilst doing so :)

It's all a bit scary though - one minute Abi was in primary school and now she's a high school student and turning into a beautiful young woman! I wonder if this gives me an insight as to what it's like being a parent? As a poster in my 6th Form English class read, it's like seeing caterpillars turn into butterflies ;)


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