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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sights of Vancouver

So this is my last post before crusing out of Vancouver. I've looked around a bit and chilled a bit too. Here are a few photos that I took in the week or so I was in Vancouver.

Bears seem to feature quite prominently in Candian culture - in Vancouver there were these statues (or should I say sculptures?) or bears all over the city, each one painted differently. I couldn't resist the opportunity to pose with one ;)
Some shots of Stanley Park and the beach on a gorgeous, sunny day.

This is an Inukshuk, stones stacked in a way to make it look like a person. Inukshuks are an ancient symbol of Inuit culture, traditionally used as a landmark and navigational aid.

A view of Burrard Bridge from Granville Bridge - Downtown Vancouver is on the right.

And finally the dear people that put me up in Vancouver: Jean, (me), Emma and Simon.

Jean & Si and Emma, thank you very much for letting me stay with you guys, it was awesome to have a place to call home :)


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