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Saturday, March 25, 2006

San Francisco's Sights

So over the last couple of days I've checked out most of the touristy sights of San Francisco and Berkeley (which is where Rick actually lives) . I like a good tourist, took heaps of photos but as most of them are just scenery, I'm only posting a select few. Drop me an email or comment if you want me to email you any specific ones.

This was pretty much a must see for me as The Rock is one of my favourite movies. Was weird to see it up close after seeing in on the TV/movies so much and was a very cool experience. Incidentally I visited it on March 21, exactly 43 years after Alcatraz was closed.

Obligatory photo of 'The Rock' taken from the ferry

Check out the crowds! It must be mayhem in summer months! Also the mass of people made it a little hard to imagine what the prison would actually have been like. However I ended up catching the last ferry off Alcatraz which meant that the crowds had pretty much gone when I left. The photo below was at the end of the day and walking down that row of cells with no-one around was really eerie - like full on goosebumps!


The Transamerica Pyramid, one of the defining buildings of San Francisco's skyline.

The historic cable cars of San Francisco - very touristy but frankly had to be done!

Me on the cable car - I promise I wasn't leaning too far out mum! :)

Lombard Street - The Crookedest street in the world! It used to be straight but early automobiles couldn't cope with it so they replaced it with zigzag (or switchbacks as the Americans call it)

So it's Saturday at the moment and I'm flying out to Seattle tomorrow morning. I've loved San Francisco and it's mostly due to Rick, Asaf, Lola and all the wonderful people I met in Berkeley. Thank you for making the first part of my trip so memorable!


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