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Friday, March 31, 2006


This is a somewhat disappointing post for a couple of reasons, firstly I have no photos and secondly cos I dont have a happy story about the snow at Whistler!

Jean took me along on her work ski weekend up at Whistler. She arranged to borrow pretty much everything I didn't already have (thank you Jean!), and off we drove on Friday evening, headed for Whistler - which is only a 2 hour drive! After checking into the hotel, we promptly headed to the hotel room that was the designated party room. Walking in seemed just like a movie scene of a college frat party - loud music, loads of people, a crowd around the TV watching the ice hockey and of course copious amounts of pizza and alcohol. We hung out there before heading to a club and needless to say, we had a good night.

Saturday morning dawned and off we went to the slopes. It was a 5-10 minute walk to the bottom of the mountain, where a 15min gondola ride takes you to the bottom of the ski-able area. None of this having to get into your car and drive up to the mountain in the morning! Unfortunately however, the weather and the snow wasn't that great. The snow was a bit icy in places, it was snowing - that very wet snow which instantly melts on your jacket and visibility was quite poor too.

But all in all I had a good day - great fun to be out on the snow again, until of course the last run of the day when I looked down and saw that I had somehow totally wrecked my (borrowed) board and then just to top it off, my binding broke and I had to walk down the last run. Never mind, the skiing might not have been that fabulous but the apres ski was definitely fun :)


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